According to archives from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, starting in 2023 a series of meteor showers scattered deposits across the globe--in areas of central Asia, northern Africa, the western area of the United States, and throughout the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian Oceans. Earth, as it was known, was changed forever.


In 2024, an international team of scientists convened by the United Nations reveals after several months of testing and research that a never-before-seen element was concentrated in those meteorites. The element is named "Elementium" as a temporary placeholder in a rushed order by the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry, as the characteristics of the substance were being researched. Meanwhile, other interests turned their eyes and ears to the new element in the hopes of discovering new opportunities for innovation. By the later part of the year, E-conomic Industries, Inc. (EII), received a fast-track court-granted approval to have jurisdiction over the handling of the element in the United States, with partner companies staking similar claims in their respective countries, and turns over information compiled so far from international scientists. The company even offers many of those U.N. scientists prominent positions in well-equipped, state-of-the-art laboratories. The recruitment effort is massively successful. Despite protests from other companies, EII plays off a smooth and deft public relations campaign to gently coax the public into believing that their rights to the ownership of the element are not only justified, but also necessary, as they're the "team with the most experience" in handling the element. Skeptics suspect that world governments handed the responsibility of the element to groups such as EII in order to eliminate culpability and conceal information from the public about the meteorites' impact.

2025 - 2030

During this period, EII and its partners across the globe quietly conduct their research in well-fortified institutions. Nations with an eye turned toward asserting political dominance work to amass resources to buy stock in these companies, gambling entire nations' worth of gross domestic product on being able to purchase shares or blending borders with like-minded geographical neighbors in order to pool resources. This causes great instability in the third world, as none of these efforts led to verifiable success in obtaining information about or access to the element or the laboratories testing it, resulting in significant financial and socioeconomic chaos. The problems trickle and then flood up to more developed countries as refugees flee first by the hundreds, then by the millions. The new wave of immigration across all continents to countries not prepared for the influx of new people causes tremendous strain and unrest of all varieties, until, finally, war breaks out.

THE FIRST WAR | 2031 - 2032

Word travels fast in societies connected by technology, and as of yet the world had not been tested by the outbreak of total war in more than three-quarters of a century. The collapse of public sanity started on social media after scores of people began to share content relating to violence breaking out in their communities; one by one over the course of months in 2031, governments fearing takedown by their own began to halt access to wireless communication of any kind. In Europe, Asia, and South America this prompted massive population shifts in short periods of time, and forced other nations to limit or cut off their own connections due to the sudden high demand placed on them.


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